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Keyport's one-size-fits-all key head transforms bulky keys in Blades which fit securely in the compact Slide key holder


What can it do? What is compatible? It may surprise you.

Black Keyport Slide Bundle keychain alternative with keys and tools fanned out


Customize a Keyport Slide 2.0 to your own personal specs.

Keyport Everyday Carry


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Keyport Slide is the best motorcycle accessory because it doesn't jingle or scratch your bike while riding


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Keyport - Reinventing the Keychain for the Modern Lifestyle

Infusing utility with style, Keyport replaces the out-of-date keychain by streamlining your most important personal everyday carry items into one essential gadget. The Keyport Slide holds up to six keys and/or everyday carry tools (USB flash drive, mini-light, pen, bottle opener, and more) in a high-tech chassis about the size of a box of Tic Tacs. Small enough to fit comfortably in the fifth pocket of a pair of jeans, the Keyport provides one-handed access to any of the items with just the slide of a thumb. It even has a unique serial number that can be used to facilitate its recovery via Keyport’s Reward If Found program.

Holds 6 key Blades and/or Inserts
Mini-Light, Pen, Flash Drive, Bottle Opener, and more

Lightweight & Compact
Slide + Six Blades weighs less than six common keys

Compatible with
Standard + High-Security + Chipped Auto keys

One-handed access + no jingling or scratching

Lots of options to personalize your Keyport

Lost & Found Program
Unique serial # on every device
Sleek black Keyport Slide fully loaded with keys and everday carry tools including USB flash drive, mini-light, and pen

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Replace your oddly shaped keys with Keyport Blades // High-quality key blanks that come retrofitted with our patented one-size-fits-all heads.

Keyport’s secret sauce to creating its minimalist system is replacing the wide range of large, oddly shaped key heads with its own patented, universal head that is only slightly larger than the shank of the key itself.

  • Bulky Keys
  • Keyport key blanks called Blades feature a small universal key head and replace your standard bulky keys


You can also choose from various Keyport Inserts to replace your bulky everyday carry tools.

  • Bulky Keychain Stuff
  • Keyport inserts fit snug inside the Slide and include mini-light, bottle opener, USB flash drive, pen, and barcode holder


Customize your Keyport Slide 2.0 with removable Side Plates

Personalize your Keyport Slide with an array of custom side plate options in a range of colors

Accessorize your Keyport with an array of options.

Keyport carries a wide range of lanyards and carabiners to easily attach loose items like an auto remote fob

The Keyport Slide is the best key holder, a cool keychain alternative, a very useful tech gadget, a must-have fashion accessory, and the perfect gift. Think of it as the Swiss Army Knife of keychains…only more refined, more customizable, and completely indispensable.


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We need to identify your keys via photo when you place your order online so we can send you the correct Blade blanks.


Order your Keyport Slide, Blades, Inserts, & Accessories from the
Keyport Store



Once you get your order confirmation via email, download & print the
Key ID Form



Follow the instructions on the Key ID Form & upload your photos to our
Secure Upload Facility

We'll take it from there, ID your keys from the photos, & send your Blade blanks with your new Keyport. Once you receive your order which includes your Blade blanks, you can take them to any local locksmith along with your original keys to have them duplicated.

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