Keyport Winged KKeyport has developed an incentivized Lost & Found program to assist in the recovery of lost Keyport devices. Every Keyport includes a unique serial number as well as Keyport’s website address along with the phrase, “REWARD IF FOUND”. If a Keyport is found and we are contacted, a Keyport representative will contact the owner and facilitate a safe return. As a thank you, Keyport will offer the finder a 20% discount on a Keyport starter bundle. We also encourage the owner of the found device to provide a reward of their choosing.

How it Works

When a Keyport is found and the finder reads, "REWARD IF FOUND" on the exterior of the Keyport, he or she is encouraged to visit and notify our customer support personnel of the found device. Keyport will act as a go-between, contacting the finder and determining the quickest way to get the customer's Keyport back into its rightful owner's hands - all without the two parties ever meeting.


Keyport offers a 20% discount on a Keyport starter bundle to the finder and encourages the customer whose Keyport has been recovered to provide the finder with a small reward of his or her choosing.

Return a Found Device

Send us an email:

Please include the serial number from the Keyport you found as well as your contact information (name, address, phone #). A Keyport representative will contact you within 24 hours to help you re-unite the Keyport with its rightful owner. Thank you for your help.